A Provider-Centered Network

Beacon wants its providers to spend time with their patients and not on burdensome administrative tasks. To that end, Beacon strives to minimize providers’ administrative time and effort, as well as to reduce paper waste in our communities. We have significantly enhanced our eServices portal and electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities for completing transactions efficiently and cost-effectively.

eServices Eases Administrative Burdens

Beacon wants providers to focus on providing care to their patients and not on burdensome administrative duties. For 24-hour access to such tasks as checking member eligibility and authorization status, log on to eServices.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

For larger providers, EDI is Beacon’s preferred method for receiving claims. We accept standard HIPAA 837 Professional and Institutional health care claims transactions and provide 835 transactions. EDI claims can be uploaded via eServices. Providers also view their EDI upload history, and receive EDI acknowledgement and submission reports through eServices.

For information about testing and set-up for EDI transactions with Beacon, download Beacon’s 835, 837, or 270/271 companion guides. For technical and business-related questions about EDI, email edi.operations@beaconhs.com.

Stamp Out Stigma

Beacon Health Strategies joins the Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness in the Stamp Out Stigma campaign, which aims to:

  • Recognize the high prevalence of mental health and substance use disorders

  • Reeducate ourselves, friends and families on the truths about mental illness and addiction

  • Reduce the stigma of mental illness and addiction and, thus, transform lives

Join us by taking the pledge to Stamp Out Stigma